Scheduled on 2022-05-16 21:21:00

Moments ago the outbound systems completely failed and all outbound email was held in queue, unable to be delivered. This didn't last long, but that's because we brought up a spare very quickly. However, emails sent during that brief period (time not yet fully known, under 10 minutes to be sure) are stuck in queue on the primary and may take a bit before they are released.


Scheduled on 2022-05-08 19:32:00

Currently investigating issues with outbound mail sitting in queue and not going out.

Scheduled on 2022-05-05 18:06:00

Our website had a temporary home at Netlify while we worked out continuous deployment via GitHub. We're now moving this to an internally hosted Caprover instance, and the site will very briefly go down during the process. This does not impact any services, itself is more marketing than production for customers.