Eagle Server Migration

Finished Scheduled on 2021-10-12 21:07:00 Estimated finish 2021-10-18 14:19:00
The Eagle (cPanel) server will be migrated to the new DirectAdmin platform this week. There are too many variables to provide an accurate estimate of the time it will switch over, but we will have a better idea as it nears the final hour. This will help to understand what happens when this migration is complete: https://mxroute.com/cpanel-server-migrated-to-directadmin/
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Date Action
2021-10-13 20:09:00 Taking backups minus mail folders to build the structure of the migration prior to moving the bulk of the data.
2021-10-14 14:38:00 Initial server configuration complete. Syncing account backups minus mail (to be copied over via rsync after).
2021-10-15 13:33:00 Converting cPanel backups to DA backups and restoring them on the new Eagle box
2021-10-15 15:19:00 The backups are not restoring on the new server. DirectAdmin went on vacation without notice. No errors. All relevant tasks queued and not running, even if pushed manually. Working with their support, this may significantly delay the migration if they don't get back quickly.
2021-10-15 19:18:00 Backups are restoring, back on track and still hopeful to make deadline.
2021-10-15 19:46:00 SSD-cached NAS attached to Eagle for some of the larger but low read/write average accounts
2021-10-16 00:36:00 Still aiming for end of today (16th) to be the deadline for completing the migration. Some setbacks may force it to be pushed forward to the 17th. It's a question of time vs quality, and the presently winning idea is that quality of migration is preferred to hitting the deadline.
2021-10-16 10:25:00 Account backups restored. Aliases look solid. Running rsync for mail directories.
2021-10-16 17:29:00 With accounts in place and data copying over we're in a good place for the migration. However, completing it today on the 16th seems unlikely. Right now we're on pace to be about a day later than planned, for pulling the switch.
2021-10-17 09:43:00 Account sync goes A-Z. We are currently at O for the first sync. After that finishes, we begin a second sync to pick up any changes that occurred between the time that the first sync started and the current time.
2021-10-17 13:07:00 In the initial mail sync for users A-Z, we are presently at the letter R.
2021-10-17 13:19:00 Integration between cPanel and HostBill broken. This means that at this time, you cannot use our billing portal (accounts.mxroute.com) to assist with any changes to the server. You cannot reset your login details, etc. The expectation is that anyone who needed cPanel access by today already had it and got what they needed, and the next time people need to interact with the billing integration is to find help logging into DirectAdmin after the migration.
2021-10-17 13:35:00 All Eagle services switched to "DACPANELTRANSITION-Eagle" package name. Does not adjust pricing, but does force the service to use the DirectAdmin module.
2021-10-17 18:50:00 A-Z user sync is to W. Still aiming for pulling the switch on the migration today, the sync speed determines the outcome.
2021-10-17 20:16:00 It's just a bit after 8PM on our side and still a bit hopeful to complete the migration tonight. However, it would be cutting it close. We'll see how it continues to progress. If it continues to be slowly, then we're further delayed until the Monday (18th) for pulling the switch. Monday is a bit higher traffic, so we'd need to take extra care not to interrupt anyone's activities if it comes to that.
2021-10-17 21:57:00 Initial mail sync complete. Second sync started.
2021-10-17 22:27:00 Second sync speed is making a clear picture at this stage that the migration will not be finished today (17th). Moving the goal post into Monday (18th) looks to be a certain fact.
2021-10-18 08:38:00 Roughly halfway done with the second sync. After the initial sync, which can take several days, we run a second sync to pick up new emails that came in while the first sync was running. If the second sync takes 12+ hours this is troubling, the degraded performance of the old Eagle server (despite it being built not to degrade as quickly as it did) is preventing a clean migration. It looks inevitable that some new inbound emails may be missing and take several hours to reappear after the migration. Additionally, some emails deleted within a few hours after the migration may reappear. The plan was to avoid this to a reasonable degree, now the plan is to mitigate it as best as possible.
2021-10-18 10:50:00 Pulling the switch soon on migration. A very small number of customers may receive a few emails which are not visible on the new server for up to a few hours, and a few of you may delete emails that reappear within the first few hours after the migration switch is pulled. This won't be relevant to very many users, and we'll mitigate the amount by forwarding SMTP traffic between the servers for a bit. This may cause an increase in inbound spam for the first few hours after migration.
2021-10-18 11:35:00 Switch pulled. Final sync running to pick up any emails received on the old server in between. Traffic forwarded, will cause SSL errors if you're connecting to the old server. The DNS TTL was set to 1 minute prior to switch, your system should be resolving the new IP very quickly if not already.
2021-10-18 12:22:00 Small delay on Crossbox.