News: DigitalOcean IPs Blacklisted

Published: 2021-10-30

UPDATE: DigitalOcean has worked with us to resolve this, and their IPs are no longer listed at MXRBL by default. The following is only useful for historical data.

It is with a heavy heart that I add all of DigitalOcean's IP address space to our in-house RBL, MXRBL. The spam from their network has ramped up within the last 24 hours to a degree that can only reasonably be called a DDOS attack against our mail servers. The amount of legitimate mail from their network no longer comes close to outweighing the attacks of pure spam. Because users can spin up a server, hammer out spam, and then simply spin up another, and another, and another with no end means that there is no reasonable way to target this but to target the problem: Their network.

If you are sending emails from a DigitalOcean droplet to yourself, you need to use SMTP authentication to send email THROUGH our service, rather than running your own DO-based email server to send mail TO our service.

No request to delist a DigitalOcean IP address will be accepted unless it comes from DigitalOcean staff, and even then only when their staff indicates that they have actually made a successful effort to halt the spam. Please direct all complaints to the problem, DigitalOcean, and not to us. Together we can make the internet a better place, and sometimes that means taking a hard stance against a problem. No one can be allowed to seek profit without accountability, with impunity. You deserve better, and you shouldn't be supporting that behavior.

This should not stop DigitalOcean customers on our platform from receiving account emails from DO. Not even DigitalOcean themselves dare to use their IP addresses to send mail.