News: Old Issue Fixed - Global Spam Filters

Published: 2021-11-09

Since the beginning, we've always enforced a bare minimum spam filter. Users were able to configure their own, but this sat underneath a basic layer of filtering that applied to everyone regardless of user configuration. For the last year, we've been intermittently failing to enforce this. Tonight, we've deployed a fix that will enable spam filtering for every user. If users disable spam filtering, it will be re-enabled with a very forgiving configuration.

The base configuration that every user has will be very permissive, and will only be applied if you had no filters configured. While it will allow a lot of spam to still be delivered, it will reject some of the worst offenders and some of the senders that we intentionally reject for every user.

In a shared system there must always be global defaults that users cannot alter, defaults that provide a baseline to ensure stability, reliability, and basic protections of all systems for all users. A base level of spam filtering is and always has been one of those defaults for our customers, regardless of some intermittent failures to meet the goal. We'll save you the long explanation, but this is why you hire us to manage mail servers for you. We understand all of the complexities that go into managing these systems, and the problems that occur down the line from things that might seem irrelevant to some end users.

Again, this is nothing new, but we wanted to let you know that we've fixed it in light of some recent failures in our intention to enforce this default.