News: Lifetime Promo

Published: 2021-11-10

We have a very limited number of lifetime packages to sell. These include 10GB storage[1][2], unlimited email accounts, unlimited domains, and 300 outbound emails per hour limit. All regular features included like Crossbox, Roundcube, Rainloop, and our DirectAdmin-based control panel. Get it now for $199, when it’s sold out there may not be any more! Read more about how we are able to offer this.

[1] The account has a 10GB quota. You can assign that to email accounts as desired, even over allocating if you like. The limit is reached when the combined usage of your data under the account (regardless of how you divided it up) equals 10GB. You could, for example, create 100 email addresses and assign them all 100GB each, doesn't matter. It only matters when the combined usage of the account as a whole reaches 10GB.

[2] These packages can be upgraded to our normal packages at any time, if you wish to do so.