News: "Can't log in to cPanel/DirectAdmin"

Published: 2021-07-29

If you are unable to log in to cPanel or DirectAdmin, please note that the login details for these have not changed. When you originally registered you were sent an "Important Account Information" email. It contained all of the information you needed. You can most likely find a copy of it here, if it wasn't too many years ago:

You can also find your services under My Services here:

From there, after you click on the name of the service, you can find Login Details which lists your control panel URL, username, and password. If you see Root Password, that's not it, don't use that one. Set a new password, I'll tell you how. If you've changed the password since it was recorded, or for any other reason you need to set a new control panel password (ex. only see "Root Password" or no password at all), there is also a password reset option there. It's right there in the same column as the Login Details link was.

If you tried to use the Reset Password option on the cPanel or DirectAdmin login page itself, you did not follow the above instructions, you need to read them again more slowly. If you open a ticket, you MUST indicate exactly where and how the instructions above failed, otherwise we'll assume you just didn't read this and send you a copy/paste of it.