News: BETA: Handshake Domain Support

Published: 2022-07-02

You may or may not have heard of Handshake domains. They're a bit new, a bit wild, and opinions will vary. However, this feature has been requested and we're going to concede that the domains are kind of cool. If you want a full look at it, take a look here:

Basically, it's an experimental alternative to the internet root system. It's working toward a decentralized internet by challenging the very root of the internet as we know it. The domains are usually managed here:

As of right now we are supporting, but calling it BETA, Handshake domains. Now when you purchase something on Namebase it can be a bit confusing. For example, we purchased "mxroute" and you might think "Oh, so we would email jarland@mxroute." That isn't quite the intent. You see, "mxroute" is the TLD. The subdomains of that TLD are what would be most similar to the domains you are used to working with. As another example, is a subdomain of the .com TLD. The TLD is com, the subdomain is mxroute. So in our test, my email is actually jarland@email.mxroute. You wouldn't be able to add "mxroute" as a domain in DirectAdmin, but you could add email.mxroute as a domain in DirectAdmin. Does that make sense?

To a lot of you this may be very confusing and of no particular value. However, those of you who are really into this stuff will quite enjoy it I think. So have at it, add your Handshake domains to DirectAdmin and go nuts!