News: Flirting with GDPR

Published: 2022-07-08

Before I continue, I should say that this is still MXroute's position on GDPR:

With that said, we're flirting a bit with some commonly cited requirement of GDPR purely because we can, and it doesn't negatively impact our ability to do business. As of right now, you can download your information from our billing database and mark your account for deletion here: (Bottom of the page)

As for your actual service data, the data you add to your email accounts and via our DirectAdmin control panel, you've always had the ability to see what is there about you and remove all of it at will, so what we're talking about is the personal information collected about you on account creation.

Please note that marking an account for deletion does not immediately delete it. We still have financial reporting requirements that require this data, and we will only remove it when we have fulfilled those obligations relative to your account data. This could include keeping it for the amount of time it could be subject to legal audit.