News: Rainloop will be discontinued

Published: 2022-08-17

We are discontinuing Rainloop on our platform, where you had accessed it at /rainloop (not to be confused with the copy at, part of the Crossbox application suite). Please take appropriate action, as this will remove any data saved in its instances. This change will take place on September 30, 2022.

You do not need to update any of your bookmarks. All instances of /rainloop will redirect to /snappy, a more featured and secure fork of the Rainloop email client. If you enjoy Rainloop because you like its look or features, nothing will change for you here. However, if you used Rainloop to store contacts or things of that nature, we will not migrate them. We will remove them. Please ensure that you have what you need in advance of this change.

Some servers already serve Snappy at /rainloop, so it's important to note which servers will be seeing a removal of Rainloop, so you know if this is relevant to you. If your server is not listed below, none of this is of concern to you.

Impacted servers: longhorn, tuesday, moose, london, eagle, safari, taylor, blizzard, lucy, sunfire, pixel, echo, shadow