News: Migrated from WHMCS to HostBill

Published: 2021-07-28

We have migrated our billing platform from WHMCS to HostBill. There will be a few pain points as we continue to resolve minor issues in production. Documentation will still refer to WHMCS, and that is the first thing we need to update. We'll work on bringing this up to expectation as we go.

Current known issues:
- Lifetime packages are set to renew monthly
- Not all hosting accounts are linked to their billing accounts
- Several promotional services that had multiple choice billing cycle (monthly, annually, etc) were changed to monthly despite being purchased on a different cycle.
- Some services may have incorrect renewal date / amount

All of the above known issues are being actively worked on at this time. If you know you're not supposed to be paying for it, don't (we don't expect that to become relevant). It's going to take us no less than 12-24 hours to review all of the data and correct it. Almost all of the data is fine, it's the outliers we're hunting for and fixing.