News: Chargeback Season

Published: 2021-11-19

Despite everything we've done to prevent registrations from people who are on the fence and feel like they might want a refund after testing the service, we have received four chargebacks in the last week. This exceeds our numbers for the entire year prior. Please be aware that if you issue a chargeback against our company we are currently not considering the cost of the chargeback to be the relevant factor. Rather, the most valuable variable to us right now is sending a message: We do not take kindly to being robbed. Each chargeback serves not only to get your money back, but to take additional money out of our pocket. This is a malicious act that attacks both us and our customer base. We will fight your chargeback to the furthest extent of the law, purely to send a message. Because if you feel like you might be the next one to try this, we actively want you to walk away without signing up for our service.

We've done everything possible to ensure that people who want refunds do not sign up, and a trend of ignoring this requires a scarecrow. We will be looking to turn each and every one of you who file a chargeback against our company into a metaphorical scarecrow. There is no cost too high for this, because there is no way to calculate the final result of an upward trend in this behavior. If this seems excessive and immature, excellent. The person who is worried by this language is someone who believes they may be subject to it. That means they're a risk for putting our business at risk. Driving that person from ordering service is the exact intent.

You see, we heavily invest our profits back into MXroute to continually work on improving service for customers. A chargeback actively takes money from us, not just the money that was paid but part of a payment from another customer as well. We're a small business that is rapidly growing, we cannot allow money to be taken from our customers with impunity.