News: Don't use Mailjet

Published: 2021-11-22

EDITED on September 28, 2022 to add: Mailjet is responding and acting on abuse complaints, which completely nullifies the article below. It is only left intact for historical reference, as people may have linked to this elsewhere.

While we are not presently blocking Mailjet (at least not as a whole), we need to have a talk. It's become quite apparent to us that a great number of our customers are using Mailjet to send email, and that they rely on that email being deliverable. It's equally apparent to us that the bulk of our anti-spam operation involves blocking specific users of the Mailjet platform.

In short, if you are using Mailjet you are contributing to the support of email spam. If you knew your vendor had been involved in shady practices, I suspect that most of you would cease doing business with that vendor. Here's your chance to be aware: Mailjet supports non double opt in marketing emails, aka unsolicited marketing email, aka spam. Be a force of good, do not support this behavior.