News: Billing date / cost wrong?

Published: 2021-07-29

Update 9/10/2021 - This is expected to have been resolved. If you see incorrect billing, please open a ticket and let us know.

This should mostly be relevant to older cPanel packages. During the migration from WHMCS to HostBill, many of the services would not import properly. Forcefully importing them did work. However, this put their purchase date as the date of the import, and their cost synchronized with the package we linked it up to. This didn't take into account your:

1. Billing cycle
2. Actual renewal amount (price changed, you had a promo, etc)
3. Your renewal date

This means a bunch of you have the wrong renewal date, cycle, and cost showing up on your service. Thankfully, the smallest billing cycle is one month. That means that we have some time to fix this before the system starts trying to bill you. That's exactly what we're going to do, fix it before you are invoiced improperly.

On the off chance that we miss something and you are invoiced improperly, don't pay it. It isn't expected that this will happen, but that's the worst case scenario. Your service WILL NOT be suspended or terminated due to our billing error, PERIOD. That would be unacceptable, this is our problem, we'll fix it.