News: Rspamd decomissioned, SpamAssassin deployed

Published: 2022-08-01

Servers with Rspamd have now been reverted to SpamAssassin. The menu option for managing it, in DirectAdmin, has been changed to "Spam Filter Config." This is to resolve several problems that were piling up:

1. Intermittent failures of behavior expected by users
2. Confusing interface which wasn't designed for Rspamd
3. Constantly having to explain to users how Rspamd works

Quite simply, Rspamd had become a liability on our stack. It will likely make a return at a later date. We will continue to build custom spam filters and deploy them to SpamAssassin, and users will now have more control over their own filters (including returning to expected levels of being able to edit your own user_prefs file).

An increase in inbound spam is expected for up to a few days after this change.