News: Disabled auto-renew, but it renewed anyway?

Published: 2022-08-23

We found a loophole in the logic of our billing practices which allowed customers to disable automatic renewal, and receive free service. The fix for this in our case was to flip 176 users from "autorenew = off" to "autorenew = on." It is not certain that all 176 users intentionally had automatic renewal disabled, and confirmed that at least some did not do so intentionally.

If you wish to cancel service, you should click on "Dashboard" on the left after logging in, click on the service, and look for the red letters "Request Cancellation" to file a cancellation request. This is the intended workflow for someone who does not want their service to renew, as our service is by default and by it's nature a recurring service and not a one-time product purchase.

It may also be worth noting that if you've missed several payments because invoices were not generated due to the disabling of automatic renewal, our billing software will generate 1 invoice each day until it has caught up to where you are today.