News: Chargeback Season

Published: 2022-10-17

It has become very clear to us that we're right in the middle of another chargeback season. This is a season in which people who are uncertain of their purchase sign up anyway thinking "I can just file a chargeback to get around their no refund policy" and then they do exactly that. Every time these seasons approach, we find it in the best interest of our business and therefore our customers (we're on the same boat, friends) to put a scare crow out to fend off these vile creatures. What better season for a scare crow than Halloween?

Here goes:

If you file a chargeback we will do everything in our power (within our legal and moral rights) to make sure that you regret ever doing business with us. You will not be satisfied by having your money in hand by the time we've finished. Thousands of companies will no longer do business with you after we report you to a few fraud agencies, and hundreds of companies will no longer even accept orders from you initially at all after we do so. We will also contact your bank directly and report you for fraud. We will send your bill to a collection agency.

If you think "I'll just file a chargeback" here's a better idea:

Go away.